The BUFEOS program of Solinia includes following projects related to the Conservation and Protection of River Dolphins in Peru:

  • Development in primary colleges of Iquitos of an education project regarding the protection of the River Dolphins and the Environment – sponsored by the Rufford Fondation, WDC England (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) and CSI (Cetacean Society International). Solinia has developed an education programme with interactive activities to teach children in schools and riverine communities in and around Iquitos to recognize both species of river dolphins with emphasis on the protection and conservation of the environment and animals. We are especially focusing problems caused by litter pollution; plastic bags and bottles, which has a very visible impact on the environment of Iquitos.
  • Formation of a group of volunteers, young biologists or ecologist from local universities but also any person interested in the subject, to have regular meetings in order to work together on specific tasks during the year (education, communication, conservation and observations).
  • Development of a Communication program with posters and triptychs.
  • A Solinia Team of volunteers is carrying out regular observations and monitoring of river dolphins around Iquitos on the Amazon, Nanay and Itaya Rivers. We want to estimate the size and distribution of the river dolphin populations found in the area and monitor them. Currently two 4 hours outings per week.
  • The development of an eco-tourism programme to observe river dolphins around Iquitos with non-invasive techniques is an important project. Solinia is working with sponsors, to plan further expeditions in the Loreto Region including the Tigre, Napo, Ucayali, Marañon and Amazon Rivers.
  • With the Regional Government of the Loreto Region (GOREL), organization of a workshop related to the conservation and protection of the River Dolphins and Manatees in Peru, with draft proposition from Foundation Omacha (Colombia) and WWF (World Wildlife Fund). The list of participants includes various regional, national and international organizations.

A great objective is also, in collaboration with the Natutama Foundation ( – Colombia), the creation of a Centre of Interpretation near Iquitos.

In collaboration with other associations (Fundamazonia, University of Trier in Germany, Amazon CARES, CREA, etc), the volunteers of Solinia are participating to several events and expeditions in the Loreto Region.


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6 10 2012
Robin David

my name is David Robin. I’m 36, I’m belgian and I’m working in a hospital, my contract just finished. I’m not planning to look for another job now. I’ve been thinking of leaving belgium and go to south america to find some project to take part. I’ve heard of your association and I’d like to know how it would be possible to help you? Is it possible to come to you and work for you, as volonteer?
I could write you more about my motivations if you need. Thank you for your time. Let me know what to do.

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